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What's YOUR Story

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

When I meet someone new, I typically ask them, "what's your story?" I am often surprised by what follows. Some will spill their life story (cough cough, I am one of those people). Others simply state their name and where they are from and quickly change the topic.

Our story defines the way we view the world. Many times chronic illness can cast a negative light on our Life Story. Currently, I am sitting in a session at Twin Cities Startup Week. My story is the momentum behind Co-Immunity. As I meet new people and discuss what Co-Immunity is and how my story plays a major role in its creation, often people feel sorry for me. Why?

Yes! Chronic illness SUCKS, but it has provided so many blessings and opportunities in my life.

I wouldn't change my experiences because they have formed who I am today. Co-Immunity is what I believe I am meant to do. Chronic illness keeps me humble. I often joke that I would hate myself without chronic illness, I would have been a brat and probably a bitch.

How do you reframe your story to make it your superpower? Everyone has shitty circumstances that make up their lives. What is your story? Take a minute to think through what has shaped who you are today: the good, the bad, AND the ugly. Has any of it positively changed who you are today? Can you use it to make a positive change because of the perspective your story gives you?

My chronic illness has given me incredible knowledge about medicine, advocating for myself, and the opportunity to connect with hundreds of people. I am empathetic and passionate about helping others with chronic illnesses. All of this is only possible because of MY STORY.

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