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Preparing for Appointments

Have you ever felt like the minute you walk into the doctor’s appointment you have waited 6 months for, your brain shuts off and you can barely form a coherent sentence? You‘re not alone.

Between feeling like complete shit, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and don’t forget the PTSD it’s easy to become flustered in appointments. So, how do you get the answers and treatment you need if you can’t explain what’s going on or remember the pertinent questions you need to be answered? Easy! (well, easy might be a little bit of an exaggeration but you get the point). Prepare for your appointment. You wouldn’t walk into a basketball game or do a big presentation at work without practice and preparation. Doctor’s appointments should be treated the same way.

Have no fear Co-Immunity is HERE!

Know your history! Know the key events and timeline surrounding the symptoms you are wanting to be addressed. Know the major medical events such as hospitalizations, surgeries, emergency room visits, childbirth, etc, and the estimated date and reason for each. Know your allergies and the reactions experienced, as well as medications, dosages, and prescribing doctors.Know your family health history if possible such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Feel overwhelmed? No worries! Check out our freebie at the bottom of this post. If you don't know all the answers to your health history put on a cute detective hat and start sleuthing. Call primary care doctors, family members, and childhood doctors to start putting everything together. Another good place to look is the patient portal if your doctor has one. Many times medical records can be found digitally on the portal.

Track your symptoms! Whether this is on paper or using an app like Co-Immunity's Symptom Tracking App, CoVstat tracking symptoms can help you address your biggest health concerns. Tracking symptoms can help you receive a diagnosis quicker and also determine whether something is a symptom or a side effect. It makes communication less stressful between providers and patients.

Take notes! Do a little research before going into your appointments. Write down any words you need clarification on. Ask questions about treatment options. Take notes during the appointment. You have to be your own advocate!

Appointment Planner
Download PDF • 65KB

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